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30 Day Mind/Body Detoxification

 Purify and Rejuvenate

Melt down, lighten, cleanse,   

Release the old, refresh, renew

30 Day Intensive



This powerful transformational program is based upon a modern innovative approach to ayurvedic medicine.

It is designed as a health transforming, core-to-surface, mind/body cleanse. Effects will be experienced on many levels, including body shape changes, improved appearance and glow, more energy, and restored youthfulness.  Full body purification targets the lungs, liver, colon, blood, skin, and mind. Clear yourself from the negative effects of bad food, poor digestion, air and water pollutants, chemicals, drugs, smoke, or alcohol.  This  doctor developed program is doctor supervised,  safe, credible, uses no harmful substances, gimmicks, or pharmaceuticals, just all-natural treatments, organic oils, and herbal medicines.


Detoxification Diet: We custom design the diet for the 30 day period, based upon client individuality.  We do not believe in extreme diets, or very low calorie diets, or one diet fits all.  We utilize a simple diet of healthy, easy to digest foods.   Foods that are improperly digested are perhaps the foremost cause of generalized systemic toxicity, and the root cause of many degenerative, inflammatory, and auto-immune diseases. Food sensitivities are completley unique to each individual, and most people are unaware of all the foods they are reactive to. Poorly or improperly digested food is not completley broken down during the digestive process, and becomes toxic to the body, leading to lymphatic clogging, weight gain, heaviness of body and mind, sinus congestion, dullness, depression, and fatigue. It is also the source of many chronic inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, colitis, psoriasis, gastritis, and muscle aches and pains just to name a few. Our diet is designed to eliminate all the common food sensitivities such as gluten, lactose, citrus, tree nuts, etc. Our experience is almost everyone with chronic health complaints feel better on this diet. After the 30 day program, one can begin to re-introduce food groups back into the diet, and determine which foods result in physical and mental symptoms, and should be avoided in the future.

Herbal and Nutraceutical Detoxification Therapy: This unique program cleanses and nourishes the tissues, cells, nerves, hormones, sense organs, and mind by flooding it with detoxifying and tonifying medicinal herbs through the mouth, skin, nose, ears, eyes, and colon. Targeted organs include the lungs, colon, liver, and blood.  These ancient rejuvenative methods were used to restore youthfulness and beauty.

Sweat Therapy [swedana]: Sweating is a primary way the body detoxifies itself, releasing accumulated salts, and other tissue toxins. We use a far infrared sauna, which bathes the body in infrared energy, resulting in a deep penetrating therapeutic sweat that helps to detoxify the organs and skin.

Massage Therapy [abhyanga]: Massage is one of the best techniques to rid the tissues of toxic accumulations and stagnant extra-cellular waste. Ayurvedic medicinal oils are applied to the skin full body, these digestible oils are absorbed into the muscles and skin, providing their detoxification qualities.

Sensory Organ Clearing: Just as physical toxins are taken in through the food, mental toxins are taken in through the senses due to sensory overstimulation, noise pollution, unnatural light, unnatural smells, and many varieties of dysharmonious sensory input that is rooted in our disconnection with nature. We apply various techniques to cleanse, lubricate, and clear the ears, eyes, nose, and tongue. When the sense organs are cleansed, sensory experience functions in a more refined manner, with greater pleasure and enjoyment.

Shirodhara: Shirodhara is an ayurvedic procedure where warm medicated oils are poured over your forehead for about 30 minutes. The effect is a profound mental stress wash, and an experience of deep mental relaxation and higher states of consciousness. Aromatherapy is integrated, and the herbally medicated oils and aromas are specifically chosen for their mental relaxation and rejuvenative effects.

Ayurvedic Cranial Therapy: This therapy is a gentle manipulative procedure of the bones, muscles, and articulations of the head and face, designed to reduce tensions that build up in these structures, creating a more open, and naturally expressive face, enhancing beauty, and clearing the mind.


Level 1: Includes all consultation and supervision, diet, supplies and products, bastis, and one 2-hour treatment per week. $price pending

Level 2: Includes all consultation and supervision, diet, supplies and products, bhastis, and two 2-hour treatments per week. price pending

Level 3: Includes all consultation and supervision, diet, supplies and products, bhastis, and three two-hour treatments per week. price pending


To book this program, call Hudavi Wellness Spa, Long Beach, Ca.


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