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5 Bliss Therapies

1.  Swedana [Sweat Therapy]:  a detoxifying and profoundly relaxing therapy.  It prepares the body for massage and mind clearing therapies by deeply relaxing the muscles, nerves, and joints, and opening the pores to receive the herbally medicated oils.  We use a far infrared sauna, which produces a deep therapeutic sweat.  Infrared energy heats the body from the inside out, without overheating the surrounding air, creating a comfortable sweat that penetrates into the organs and deep tissues.

2.  Abhyanga [Massage Therapy]:  Massage Therapy produces profound relaxation of the body and mind, while easing muscle tension, nervous stress, and mental fatigue.  We use the highest quality, herbally medicated digestible oils, which are absorbed into the body, and carry their therapeutic effects of nourishing and tonifying the muscles, nerves, and mind.  Oils may be chosen based on ayurvedic analysis of your specific imbalances or desired effect.

3. Shirodhara [cranial oilation]:  Shirodhara is an ayurvedic procedure where warm medicated oils are poured over your forehead for about 30 minutes.  The effect is a profound mental stress wash, and an experience of deep mental relaxation and higher states of consciousness.  Aromatherapy is integrated, and the herbally medicated oils and aromas are specifically chosen for their mental effects.

4.  Ayurvedic Cranial Therapy:  This therapy is a gentle manipulative procedure of the bones, muscles, and articulations of the head and face, designed to reduce tensions that build up in these structures, creating a more open, and naturally expressive face, enhancing beauty, and clearing the mind.  This is also a very effective therapy for headaches, jaw tension, sinus issues, and nerve and chronic pain problems effecting the face.

5.  Sense Clearing Therapy:  An Omadawn signature treatment not found anywhere else, these are a series of procedures that cleanse and lubricate the eyes, ears, sinuses, and tongue.  This lube and tune job for the organs of sensation helps to clarify and sensitize the senses, while preventing degeneration and loss of satisfaction that often accompanies the premature aging of these vital structures.

The Supreme Royal Bliss Therapy
All five bliss therapies, 2 1/2 hours of pure stress relief, experience the royal treatment, feel what its like to be a baby again.

To book an appointment, call 562-799-2423


 To book an appointment, call 562-799-2423

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