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Ayurvedic Cranial Therapy is an integrated set of techniques and procedures designed to remove the stresses and tensions that build up in the cranial muscles, joints, and bones. Tension on these structures leads to pain, nerve interference, hormone and neurotransmitter imbalances, and have negative mental effects.  Ayurvedic Cranial Therapy combines a unique  form of cranial manipulation developed by Dr. Jack Ebner, with established Ayurvedic Medicine practices.  Dr. Ebner has been able to help hundreds of patients with headache syndromes, including difficult cases, without drugs.


migraines and tension headaches

TMJ syndrome

nervousness, anxiety, and insomnia

mental and emotional stress


facial tension

Cranial Therapy:    30 min.   $75

Shirodhara/Cranial:    60 min.    $150

Massage/Cranial:    90 min.    $140

Sweat/Massage/Cranial:    120 min.    $160

Massage/Cranial/Shirodhara:    120 min.    $210

Supreme Treatment:  All 5 Bliss Therapies:    2 1/2 hr    $250

Sense Clearing may be added to any treatment for $30

To book an appointment, call 562-799-2423

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