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Sense Clearing Therapy


Ayurvedic sense clearing therapies are designed to cleanse, detoxify and lubricate the organs of sensation, including eyes, ears, nose, and tongue.  Just like the body is affected by what you eat, the mind is affected by what you take into it through the senses.  Overstimulation of the senses, or the taking in of disharmonious sense impressions, will lead to a disharmonious and disturbed mind. Cleansing and lubrication of the senses re-energizes the experience of sensation, allowing for greater sensitivity, pleasure, and contentment.


Netra Basti: a warm eye bath in triphala ghee, relaxes eye musces, lubricates the eye tissues and nerves, draws toxins from the tissues, and tunes visual perception.  Rose water compresses cools and freshens the eyes.  Ayurvedic treatment to the eyes is one of the most powerful ways of balancing pitta dosha.


We bathe the ears in warm ashwaganda/bala oil, to lubricate and nourish the ossicle bones and auditory nerves, and remove debris from the ear canal.  This is one of the best treatments to pacify vata dosha.


Nasya oil is introduced through the nose, this oil contains powerful mental tonics and mood elevators, and lubricates the sinuses allowing for easier breathing, andy better absorption of life force energy through the breath.

we cleanse the tongue with a ginger/lemon tongue scrape.  Systemic toxicity expresses itself as various coatings on the tongue, these coatings suppress the enjoyment of refined taste, and are an expression of poor digestion.

Sense Clearing Therapy is $40, or can be added to any other Bliss service for $30.

Call 562-799-2423 for an appointment

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