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Tight Hips Program or Tight Shoulders Program

Four week program designed to increase range of motion, improve joint biomechanics, heal old injuries, and prevent progressive loss of function and arthritic changes associated with chronic joint tightness.

Chronic joint restriction is extremely common and results from poor posture, old injuries, occupational or recreational repetitive stress patterns, or insufficient stretching exercise.  Untreated, these restriction patterns inevitably worsen with time, and lead to progressive and ultimately irreversible dysfunction, pain, and degenerative arthritis, resulting in serious loss of quality of life.

Fully Integrated Program

Deep Tissue Therapy: Deep tissue therapy is a form of myofascial stretch, designed to work out the muscle contractions, scar tissue, trigger points, and connective tissue restrictions that inhibit motion and derange function.

Joint Mobilization:  Joint mobilization is a manipulative technique designed to restore proper joint alignment, biomechanics, and range of motion, while breaking up adhesions and scar tissue that reduce mobility and contribute to pain.

Laser Therapy:  Laser therapy is a safe, state of the art technology that promotes healing by increasing cellular energy production, decreasing inflammation, stimulating circulation, improving range of motion, and reducing pain.

Exercise Therapy:  We customize a program of exercises for you to do on your own, designed to decrease tightness and improve biomechanical function..  The two sessions allow individualized one-on-one instruction and follow-up, to make sure they are being done properly.

Nutraceuticals, Herbs, and Herbally Medicated Topicals:  these are specifically chosen to support joint health, joint rejuvenation, and add powerful levels of support towards the goals of this program.

4 week program includes:

* 8 thirty minute deep tissue and joint mobilization sessions

* 8 cold laser therapy sessions

* 2 exercise instruction sessions

* All nutraceuticals, therapeutic herbs, and herbally medicated topical oils to support joint function and repair.

All inclusive cost is $950. Insurance reimbursement possible. Doctor designed and implemented.

To book this program call 562-799-2423


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